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We show and sell historical paper items. Cards, covers, magazines, newspapers, brochures, (poster) stamps, ads, documents, signatures, you name it. On top of that vintage photography & music (LP’s) are listed. Please check regularly. I always use the following elements in the basic information: date, topic, item, important details  and off course all you want to know in the detailed description. All items are original, no copies or reprints here. When stuff is taken out of mags or books I name the source when possible; the ads and other items are not torn out but carefully preserved after the staples are removed (always with ample margin), I don’t sell the messy clippings that you usually see; check the photos!! We only sell quality stuff (complete, no stains, no moisture, no tears, no pieces missing inside, no notes of previous owners). When the item is really rare sometimes small imperfections are accepted but always stated in the description: when you’re not sure please ask.